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Oscar O'Ryan  |  Visual Artist

Drawing inspiration from the kinetic potential of the human body, Oscar O'Ryan skillfully captures the fluidity of thoughts and ideas traversing the globe.

Oscar O’Ryan is  an esteemed cinematographer and photographer renowned for his visionary approach to storytelling.

With an unwavering passion for crafting cinematic and visually stunning narratives, Oscar brings stories to life through the lens of his camera.

Based in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, he focuses on weaving together unique and compelling visual tales that transcend the ordinary through out the continent and globe.

Through his exceptional eye for detail and artistic sensibility, Oscar skillfully captures moments that leave a profound impact, expertly painting vivid stories with light and motion.

Aside from his remarkable achievements, Oscar has embarked on personal projects that delve into the art of storytelling. Utilizing thought-provoking photo reportage and immersive video installations, he explores the depths of human experiences, both locally and internationally. His works invite viewers to connect with profound narratives that resonate on a deeply emotional level.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Oscar takes great pride in co-founding

Darkroom Contemporary, an internationally recognized and award-winning contemporary dance company. This collaborative effort allows him to merge his artistic talents with the power of movement, resulting in captivating performances that push boundaries and ignite the imagination.



Artist Award, Not from here - POOL Dance Film Festival, BERLIN


Jury Award, Runner up, Best Screendance, Des/Aria - Denton Black Film Festival, TEXAS


Best Film, WPED - Under the Dome Festival,



Top Three Jury Award, The Forgotten - Danceador Film Festival, USA

Commissioned Photography Projects


Not from here, Brutal Curation, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST




sfiftingsands/\sandsshifting, Brutal Curation, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST

STAGED, Baxter Theatre, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST

Traffic, Burgan Cape Terminals and Gulfstream Energy - VISUAL ARTIST


Adagio for a Hacked Life, Scenkonst Sormland, Sweden - VISUAL ARTIST


Access me, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST





Struck Silent, Scenekost Sormland, Sweden - VISUAL ARTIST

I hit the ground running, Scenkost Sormland & Baxter Theatre - Visual Artist - VISUAL ARTIST

MOTION II, Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST

The MOTION Project, Let there be light Gallery, Cape Town - VISUAL ARTIST

Recent Exhibitions & Curated Arts Festivals




Not from here - Brutal Curation. Cape Town, SA

Des/Aria - Denton Black Film Festival. Texas, USA

sfiftingsands/\sandsshifting - Brutal Curation. Cape Town, SA

kartographi - public & digital art project. Cape Town, SA

Memoryhouse - Kucheza Afrika Festival. Cape Town, SA


OM - Vrystaat Kunstefees. Bloemfontein, SA

META | morph - Creativate at Visual National Arts Festival of South Africa

GIVE/TAKE The Act of Erasure at Video Art Miden (Greece), Dance days (Crete),

vlek (USA)

LACUNA - Ubunmuntu Festival. Kigali, RWANDA


GIVE/TAKE The Act of Erasure - Gallery Momo. Cape Town, SA

WRPD - Under the Dome Festival of Immersive Films, Isiko Museums. Cape Town, SA

LACUNA -Antidote Festival. NETHERLANDS

The Forgotten - 40 North Festival. California, USA

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+27 84 659 4519

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